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Steam Deck Delay Could Benefit AYANEO 2021 Pro...

At $1215 (Not Including A Case), the AYANEO Pro 2021 is considerably more expensive than even the top tier Steam Deck but it does have one advantage, and that advantage is that it's currently available. For me, it's too expensive to take a risk on but I have to admit I definitely wouldn't mind having one. At the price I'm still holding out for the Steam Deck which has a top price of $649. The AYANEO Pro 2021 might still be worth a look for people outside the regions where the Steam Deck is being sold and for people who just can't wait. On paper the new and improved AYANEO Pro is certainly impressive and would perform nearly as well as the Steam Deck (should) but it's a hefty investment... Specs Below!  Aya Neo 2021 Pro Technical Specs from DroiX : Aya Neo 2021 Aya Neo 2021 Pro CPU Ryzen 5 4500U Ryzen 7 4800U CORES 6 8 THREADS 6 16 SPEED 2.3Ghz Base, 4.0Ghz Max Boost 1.8GHz Ba