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AYANEO NEXT Looks Sharp (Handheld PC)

It looks like the new AYANEO NEXT models will be happening soon. They certainly look sharp and well designed. I wasn't  aware that it was this close to becoming a thing until Retro Game Corps tweeted about it: It appears there will be 3 different models (Base, NEXT Advance & NEXT Pro) of the AYANEO NEXT, and will all be viable alternatives for people who don't get a Steam Deck , although these are drastically more expensive. The base model runs $1265 on Indiegogo pre-order and increases to $1315 retail. The "Pro" model is $1465 on pre-order with a retail price of $1565. Personally, I'm sticking with the more capable Steam Deck at these prices.  Judging by the specs below,  these should be able to handle most handheld PC gaming desires but at a very high cost (price well above value I think)...