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Upcoming Game Handhelds For September 2022

Game Handheld Releases/Pre-Orders/Shipping For September 2022 *Update 9/9 - It appears the PiBoy XRS Kit is already shipping out. GKD Mini Plus and GKD Mini Plus Classic Pre-Orders will also start this month. The Anbernic RG353V should also be available to order by the end of September.  Game handheld releases are hard to predict due to supply chain problems and parts shortages, so most release dates should be considered tentative not concrete. This post will be regularly updated as new information occurs! I plan to turn this is into a monthly post to keep things more organized.  * Link For August Releases * **September 2022 Preview Updated As Of 9/1/22** 🟠AYANEO Air Pro 🔥 ($649 & Up Early Bird)  The AYANEO Air Pro is expected to start shipping out for those who pre-ordered it and is my pick for the most interesting premium priced handheld of September. The cheaper regular Air should be in a LOT of hands already by the time this one ships. The AYANEO 2 pre-order is likely to sta