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AYANEO Air Official Pricing

 The AYANEO Air pricing honestly came out pretty reasonable starting at $499 (Early Bird Pricing) and $549 afterwards up to $649.  I have to admit their pricing structure on the Air was lower than I was expecting. With a touch OLED screen,  friendlier size than the Steam Deck and decent pricing,  I think this will be a real competitor. I don't expect battery life to be optimal in such a small package though....

AYANEO Air Pricing Possibly Revealed Converted into USD, this works out to be around $650 which does put the AYANEO Air in a price range to compete with Valve's Steam Deck if $650 is the final price.  It has not appeared on the English site as of yet so this price is still just a guess...  Hopefully we find out a lot more about the Air later this week... AYANEO promised a friendlier price with the Air and it looks like that's being delivered. Pre-ordering is expected to open up on May 20th.  $650 may also possibly be just the reserve price with  more to pay afterwards. We'll find out in a couple days either way... Via: