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AYASpace Beta Updated (AYANEO)

 Some early opinions on the AYANEO Air have started to surface and it looks like there is are already a system update available for the AYANEO Air. Between more palatable pricing than the original AYANEO, aesthetic design, product marketing and a commitment to support, I'm definitely impressed.  AYASpace Beta  Update details From Twitter: 1.Fix: RGB lighting effect display is not synchronized in sleeping mode 2. New: Added AYANEO AIR firmware upgrade guide page 3. Optimization: Re-debug the RGB lighting effect display cycle 4. Optimization: Solve other potential issues and optimize software performance has released their initial review of the anticipated handheld on YouTube: 

AYANEO Air Known Info & Links

  We don't know everything about the AYANEO Air but some of the specs, info and pricing has been revealed. I think the upcoming AYN Loki likely beats the pricing $ for $ on the Air but there's no way to know how soon the Loki will be ready... LINKS: AYANEO AIR  Official Announcement Page GamePlay Video Game Performance Tests AAA Game Test Full Specs Confirmed Screen: 5.5" OLED (RGB) w/ 404 PPI  Weight: Under 420g  Price: $499-$699 More Images w/ Basic Specs and Info:

3 New AYANEO Models Upcoming

 It looks like there are 3 AYANEO (handheld PCs) handhelds in the works which include the AYANEO 2, AYANEO Slide & AYANEO Air. The Air is set to be the cheapest of the 3 and could become strong competition for the Steam Deck if priced well. Hopefully we find out a lot more about these soon. Images below:  We should hear more about the Air on the 20th. It will run Windows 11 and have a 5.5" 1920x1080 OLED touch screen.  AYANEO 2 AYANEO Slide AYANEO Air 2022 Press Conference (Non Translated): What Others Are Saying:

AYANEO Air Could Be A Viable Steam Deck Alternative

 While previous AYANEO handhelds have caught my eye,  they are simply priced too high for my needs. That could change with the AYANEO Air which should be their least expensive handheld to date and offers some advantages over the Steam Deck in the handheld PC gaming realm. We expect to hear about the price and possibly see available pre-orders by the end of May. If they get the price under $700, I think this will be a real viable Steam Deck alternative. From what I'm seeing they've already gotten the weight below that of a Switch.