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SteamOS 3.0 Already Leaked (Rumor)

It didn't take more than 24 hours for developers to supposedly leak the new SteamOS out into the wild. I don't think Valve has much to worry about though. Devices like the Aya Neo, OneXPlayer, GPD Win, etc. are all drastically more expensive than the Steam Deck.  There's not a lot of information on whether or not SteamOS 3.0 works well on other handhelds but we should start seeing a lot of information on this soon...

Aya Neo PS2 Emulation Video (YouTube)

The Phawx posted an interesting video testing out 12 Playstation 2 games on the portable Aya-Neo. Hit the link below for the video: To me it looks pretty smooth for PS2 on the go. Emulation had definitely come a long way in the past few years. The Aya-Neo certainly isn't cheap but good things rarely are. I may eventually get one or one of the future upgrades we know are probably coming but it's currently a bit out of my budget with my hands tied up in so many other things.  Hit the link below for more information on this very powerful handheld.