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AOKZOE A1 Giveaway Link

 It looks like AOKZOE is giving away one A1 to a lucky winner in August! There has been some questions raised about the d-pad by people who have hands on time with it,  but it still appears to be an interesting and powerful option.  Link to Enter: AOKZOE A1 SPECS

AOKZOE A1: Another Steam Deck Alternative

 AOKZOE Info/Specs AOKZOE A1 Handheld PC AOKZOE appears to be a new company with close ties to One Netbook and recently announced the AOKZOE A1 handheld out of nowhere. I have to say the design looks very thoughtful, ergonomic and it is a powerful handheld. The first thing that caught my eye last week with this device is the disc style d-pad that's reminiscent of the SEGA Saturn controller (or Game Gear), the well placed buttons/thumb-sticks, and screen position. If the price is right,  this could end up being a great handheld!  Official Website: Video Link: AOKZOE A1 Anticipated Specs & Info:  Pre-order Date; July Ships: September  Form Factor: Landscape OS: Windows 11 / SteamOS SoC: AMD Ryzen 7 6800U CPU: AMD Zen 3+ CPU Cores: 8 CPU Threads: 16 Clock Speed: 2.7 GHz - 4.7 GHz Architecture: x86-64 GPU: AMD Radeon 680M D-pad: Disc  Face Buttons: 4 Shoulders: 4 Analog (Stacked) Charge Port: USB-C  GPU Clock Speed: 2.2 GHz RA