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Odin Retro Handheld Dock Announced

It looks like the Odin Handheld will have an optional dock that looks interesting. It will include two Gamecube ports to play games using original GC controllers. There's no word on the exact price of the dock yet. We do know the base model (without a dock) will have a price of $199.99 for early adopters and the price will go up after that. What started out looking like potential vaporware has really started to shape up into an interesting handheld emulation option that can handle up to GameCube/Wii/PS2 level emulation on the go.  Keep an eye on Indiegogo for the pre-sale to go live at some point in the near future. I think the attractiveness of this handheld at the premium price point may have been dulled by the upcoming Steam Deck from Valve but the Steam Deck if you haven't reserved one yet will be incredibly hard to get your hands on next year due to the massive demand.

199 Handheld Coming Soon? (Android)

Image from   It's starting to look like the "199 Handheld" might be coming out pretty soon. If anyone is curious about what the price will be, it's $199.  For a while I was suspicious that it might end up as sad vaporware but things are actually progressing from the looks of things. I'm not majorly interested in this considering when it comes to dedicated handhelds for emulation I tend to stick to the budget handhelds ($125 and below) but the 199 Handheld certainly seems like it is worth the price.  Taki Udon posted an interested video the other day previewing some of the capabilities the system has. Hit the link below to check out out.