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Select Upcoming Game Handhelds 2023

An excellent resource for comparing upcoming and existing retro game devices is the retro game handheld spreadsheet from timeisart: 

Spreadsheet Link from timeisart.

January/February 2023 Upcoming/Anticipated Game Handhelds

  • πŸ”₯KT-R1 (International- Anticipated Release: February $169-$279+) - [4.5" 3:2 Screen. Should Handle Up to GameCube/Wii level emulation well! This will be a crowdfunding order that includes risks. 
    KT-R1 Pocket

  • Razer Edge WiFi (Tablet + Razer Kishi 2 Pro WiFi $399) -  
    Razer Edge

  • πŸ‘€Retro Pixel Pocket (Soon) (Under $100) 
  • Miyoo Mini Plus (Feb 10)
  • Pimax Portal (Ships January)
  • PowKiddy X28 (???)
  • AYANEO Air Plus Alder Lake (???)
  • AYANEO Air Plus Mendocino (February?)
  • UConsole (Ships Feb)
  • Abxylute (February??)
  • GKD Mini Plus Classic (Ships January)
  • GKD Mini Plus (Ships January)
  • OneXPlayer 2 (Ships February)
  • GPD Win 4 (Live Now, Ships March)


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