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Upcoming Game Handhelds
Upcoming Game Handhelds 2022

Current FrontRunners (My Picks) For Game Handheld Of The Year 2022: 

Valve PC Gaming
Steam Deck (Valve)
Miyoo Mini V2/V3
Miyoo Mini V2

This page includes no referral links. An excellent resource for comparing upcoming and existing retro game devices is the spreadsheet from timeisart: 

Spreadsheet Link from timeisart.

Size Comparison Chart (Easiest to Save and Zoom in. I'm not sure who made it. Was floating around Discord and is accurate):

Retro Handheld Size Comparison

Devices You Can't Buy
  • Custom LG Wing by Laozhang 
Unreleased Devices [SPECS are Assumed or Tentative]
  2. Retro Pixel Pocket [RPP SPECS]
  3. AYANEO Air Pro [IndieGogo Link]
  4. GPD Win Max 2 [IndieGogo Link]
  5. AYN Loki Zero [SPECS]
  6. Anbernic RG505 [505 SPECS]
  7. PowKiddy X28 [SPECS]
  8. OH WOW 1 [OHW1 SPECS]
  9. Odroid Go Ultra [$111 October]
  10. AYANEO 2
  11. AYANEO Air Plus Alder Lake
  12. AYANEO Slide
  13. AYANEO Flip
  14. AYN Loki Mini []
  15. AYN Loki Mini Pro []
  16. AYN Loki []
  17. AYN Loki Max []
  18. GKD Mini Plus
  19. GKD Mini Plus + Dock 

  20. GKD Mini Plus Classic 

  21. AYANEO Air Plus Mendocino (2023)
  22. AYANEO NEXT 2 (2023?)
  23. Tencent/Logitech Streaming Handheld ??? [PC Gamer Article]
  24. Miyoo Mini Horizontal ??? [MMH SPECS]
  25. Anbernic (Miyoo Mini Knockoff)???
  26. Miyoo P60 ??? [P60 SPECS]
  27. Anbernic RG353V/RG353VS (Soon) 
    353V Photo from 

  28. PiBoy CM4x ???
  29. GPD Win 4
  30. KT-R1C aka KT R1 [KT-R1C SPECS] (Int'l Ordering Delayed to Sep/Oct?) *It was reported that domestic orders started last month but that may not be the case. 
  31. PocketStar [PocketStar Link]
  32. OneXFly [SPECS]
  33. Razer/Qualcomm Handheld
2022 Devices Already Released 
  1. Digi Dock 2 [RGHANDHELDS.COM]
  2. OneXPlayer Mini [PCMAG Review]
  3. AYN Odin []
  4. Thumby [Thumby Site]
  5. PowKiddy X39 [China Gadgets Review]
  6. Steam Deck (Valve) []
  7. PowKiddy RGB10S []
  8. AYANEO Next [AYANEO Next Order]
  9. Playdate [Playdate Site]
  10. Anbernic RG503 [My 503 Review]
  11. Miyoo Mini V2/V3 [Miyoo Mini Wiki]
  12. PowKiddy RGB20S [RGC Review]
  13. PowKiddy X51
  14. Anbernic RG353P [SPECS]
  15. AYN Odin Lite [Odin IndieGogo]
  16. Anbernic Win600 [Win600 SPECS]
  17. GPD XP Plus [IndieGogo GPD XP Plus]
  18. Rasberry Pico Pocket Project DIY [GitHub Link]
  19. TRIMUI Smart [Retro Resolve - SPECs]
  20. Retroid Pocket 3 [RP3 SPECS]
  21. AYANEO Air [IndieGogo Link]
  22. PiBoy XRS
  23. TRDR Pocket 2 (I'd Highly Suggest Avoiding)

  24. AYANEO Air Pro
2022 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting year in video game handhelds with more future options appearing every other week it seems. A lot of retro handheld manufacturers are leaning towards bigger, more expensive and wider devices than in the past which is not ideal for retro gaming PS2 and below from a screen size point of view,  but performance is continually getting better.  Parts shortages and the pandemic have made Releases somewhat unpredictable. 

Devices Moving Towards Vapor Status

Not every device planned ends up getting made, and things are definitely trickier during the age of Covid and supply chain issues. The following devices are so delayed from the anticipated release, there's good reason to think they might not happen: 
  1. PiBoy CM4x 
  2. PiBoy XRS 
  3. Miyoo P60


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  The GKD Mini Plus Classic (not to be confused with the GKD Mini Plus) looks to be a powerful option that competes with the Anbernic RG353V running the same SoC (RK3566). Both devices have the same internal specs. The Mini Plus has an optional Dock that adds thumb-sticks.  The demos have been shown to run a version of JELOS but is not supported by JELOS (yet anyway). IF GKD sends units to community developers, there's a possibility this device could get supported.  A convenient tool to compare devices is the retro handhelds spreadsheet from timeisart:  Handhelds Spread Sheet Link Key Known GKD Mini Plus Classic SPECS  OS/Firmware: Linux (JELOS) on Demo. Reportedly will ship with a different OS.  Emulation Power: Should Handle Up to N64/PSP SoC: RK3566  CPU: Cortex-A55 CPU Cores: 4 CPU Threads: 4 CPU Clock: 1.8 GHz Architecture: ARM  GPU: Mali-G52 2EE GPU Clock: 850 MHz RAM: 1GB Screen: 4:3 OCA 3.5" IPS 640x480  Battery: 3000 mAh Storage: Dual External microSD Connectivity: W

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