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 The Retroid Pocket 2 Plus wasn't quite as good with PSP emulation as I would have guessed, but with some settings tweaks, things can get cleaned up pretty good. This page is a work in progress and will be regularly updated. 

A good place to start is the community spreadsheet maintained by but there will often be further settings that need to be changed. 

It may be a good idea to disable Google Play Services and to avoid resource hogging Front-End apps to get as much as you can from the system while using PPSSPP! Each game I test will be given a Quality Rating (QR) based on my opinion of how it matches up to the original game played on a PlayStation Portable. Only games I have played in the past will be listed.

Games I Have Optimized & Tested:

Armored Core 3 Portable (QR=90%)

The following Settings I've found have drastically improved the game performance offline. I have not tested Network performance in game yet. These settings will get you an average stable 30FPS in missions, near flawless audio,  no input delay, and "ok" text. Text is still tough to read in some menus. (Time Testing: 90 minutes)

Graphics Settings:

*Change backend to OpenGL 

*Buffered Rendering w/ Frame Skipping Off

*Full-Screen OFF Unchecked

*Change Rendering Resolution to 2XPSP

*Change Spline/Bezier Curves Quality to Medium 

*Disable Slower Effects ✅

*Change Texture Filtering to AutoMax

*NOTE* This page is for reference, educational and historical purposes only. I encourage people to follow their local rules for ROMs and emulation. The purpose of this page is to document the  performance of PPSSPP (software) on on the Retroid Pocket 2 Plus. 

Other RP2+ Settings:

PSP Games That Couldn't Be Optimized Well Enough To Recommend Any Settings: 

  1. Burnout: Legends
  2. Hot Shots Golf (All Games In Series)
  3. Star Wars: Force Unleashed

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