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Notice About Emulation

 December 8 2020


All posts on my blog ( concerning emulation are purely for the intent of documenting the history of emulation and the preservation of gaming history. Posts surrounding the topic should be considered as research and an educational look at emulation. 

Emulation on its own is perfectly legal and has been confirmed as such by the Supreme Court as legal. Downloading and selling/buying copyrighted ROMs online is certainly not legal although it has rarely been tested in courts. 

Personally, I do not condone or endorse downloading of copyrighted ROMs or the purchase of "loaded" SD cards, etc.  I highly encourage people to source their own ROMs and games. Laws do vary from area to area so it's an excellent idea to research local laws on this topic.  This notice is in no way legal advice. Definitely do your own research! 

If you purchase a retro handheld that comes with ROMs on it, I highly suggest tossing the microSD card in a drawer or trashcan and flash your own custom firmware from the community. You'll get a far better overall performance experience using custom FW and it's a good idea to set everything up yourself. The cards that come with most of the imported handhelds are of low quality and are prone to failure anyway.


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