Miyoo Mini V1/V2/V3 Guides & Info

 Miyoo Mini V1/V2: Info & Links

***The next Miyoo Mini restock from Miyoo is expected to occur mid-August 2022 at the Official store on AliExpress! 

*Updated July 28, 2022*

FYI: There is no discernable difference between the V2 Miyoo Mini and V3 Miyoo Mini. Miyoo is currently developing a Horizontal Miyoo Mini as well with no release date announced yet... There are reports that screen quality is not quite as good with some V3s so that should be kept in mind. 

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Where To Buy? 

MIYOO Official Store


Suggested Miyoo Mini Guides (First Places To Look At)

Miyoo Mini Firmware Options/Customization

Currently, I highly recommend MiniUI for a very simple setup process and streamlined operation. OnionOS is an excellent option for a higher level of customization and currently has more emulators working on it (https://github.com/jimgraygit/Onion/wiki/2.-Onion-Emulators-&-Ports)  If you are new to Miyoo Mini or retro handheld emulation, I'd suggest starting with MiniUI. 


 (Optimizes/Customization for Stock FW): https://github.com/jimgraygit/Onion

🔥MiniUI (Custom Launcher)

Extra Extra MiniUI Cores by tiduscrying: 

Visual Firmware Guide by: Pixelshift

🤷‍♂️BastardOS (Based off Onion): https://github.com/B4stardOS/Bastard-OS

Miyoo Mini Social Links 

I highly suggest the follow groups/links as the best places to get and share information: 
*DISCLOSURE - I am one of the moderators of the reddit.com/r/miyoomini group. The Sub-Reddit is not officially affiliated with Miyoo. 

Miyoo Mini Reddit

Miyoo Mini Mods

Games Tested On the Miyoo Mini By Moontorc

Miyoo Mini Specs 

  • Model: MIYOO mini V1 & V2
  • Screen size: 2.8-inch IPS screen 640*480 resolution
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Sensor: Vibration motor
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core 1.2G
  • Color: grey, white, black, blue
  • Size: 93.5mmX65mmX18m

Miyoo Mini V2 Updates

  • Full OCA Laminated Screen
  • Buttons/Rubber are slightly improved
  • Slightly Improved Battery (Wired In Unlike V1)
  • Plastic Thinner In Areas
Technical Info on the SoC: 

Suggested Miyoo Mini V2 Video Reviews


Miyoo Mini V2 Suggested Written Reviews 

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