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 Hi, this is Will aka Kezins! I started this personal blog to focus on retro game handhelds and anything related to retro/classic gaming. My main reason for this blog is to have fun and collect information on retro game handhelds and retro gaming in one place. I consider myself to be a retro game handheld enthusiast and do this for hobbyist fun. This site is non commercial in nature. 

I previously worked as a news editor for Ziff Davis Media (1Up Network), was a freelance blogger for years and blog today just for fun. I play a very large variety of games on a large variety of platforms. As far as emulation with retro game handhelds goes, I have been involved in that from the moment I bought a Dingoo A320 many years ago. 

**While I am an emulation enthusiast, I do not support ROM downloading sites and do not link to copyrighted ROM hosting sites,  etc. on this blog. Emulators and emulation on its own is perfectly legal. 

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I started the group on Reddit and it continues to grow rapidly.  We now have 5 moderators and 10,000+ members. 

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I do not collect or store any individual specific information on users,  do not have accounts available on this personal blog and only use the standard Blogger (Blogspot) analytics and Clicky Analytics for general site performance data like location, browser types and time on site,  bounce rate,  etc. (no specific info and no cookies). In Clicky Analytics, I have selected anonymity for IP addresses, no tracking cookies and a site wide opt out for all readers. Personally, I find Clicky to be more user friendly and beneficial than Google Analytics. (Above Link is An Affiliate Link)

Updated 12/11/22

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