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Review: GameForce RK3326 Handheld (CHI)

Overall Score - 8.3/10 There's a lot to like about the GameForce and some things to not like but the high res 4:3 screen on a horizontal RK3326 device with awesome ergonomics make this one a great 4:3 option just slightly behind the 351V overall .  GameForce Gaming Handheld CPU: ROCK-CHIP RK3326 Quad-core Cortex-A35 up to 1.5Ghz GPU: Mali-G31MP2 Memory: 1GB DDR3L Screen: 3.45 inches TFT IPS screen, non OCA Resolution 640X480, Response time 10-15ms, Viewing angle 85 degree Charge and Data port: USB-Type C Charging voltage: 5V. 2A Battery: 3000 mAh Memory Card support: TF card, up to 512GB WiFi: WiFi Built-in, 2.4Ghz band Backlights: 7 Colors LEDs Dual Speakers Dual Joysticks (ALPS, same as PS VITA) Dual Vibration Motors System: EmuELEC and RetroArch (Officially supported by EmuELEC with a 4.1 build specific to the GameForce) Scores are always fairly arbitrary when going from reviewer to reviewer and subjective. I often debate whether to even use them but 8.3/10 is my est


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Retro Kezins was started in December, 2020 simply for my love of old school gaming and retro collecting.  This blog is non commercial in nature (personal blog) and includes only opinions I believe in.  I'm highly interested in documenting the history of video games whenever possible and documenting my retro gaming experiences. 

When it comes to retro video games (and vintage video gaming) I tend to focus on retro handhelds of the sub $100 variety (SBC Gaming).  

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I'm a USA 🇺🇸  Veteran (1st Cavalry Division) with a background in photography, marketing, graphic design, news editing and blogging.  
My background in blogging includes working for 2 now defunct independent blogs (1PStart and Kezins) and working for the 1Up Network as a news editor and marketing assistant primarily for Gaming Today (FileFront which was part of Ziff Davis Media back then and today is called Game Front). 

My primary hobbies are photography, gaming and hiking (exploring).  I've been gaming since the Atari 2600 and SMS/NES days. While I do play modern games today, I lean more towards retro portable gaming. 

Originally from Blacksburg, Virginia (Go Hokies!) I relocated to West Virginia in 2007. 

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