Miyoo Mini Plus Launch Date: February 10

 It looks like the Miyoo Mini Plus will launch on February 10. For the most part, it's the same SoC as the Mini but a considerably larger device that also has WiFi and a larger battery. The Launch model will only be in transparent Black at the start.  Miyoo is keeping the price fair at an increase of $5, but there will only be 500 available at first.   The Miyoo Mini Plus should be a good competitor for Anbernic's RG35XX. It also appears that the Mini Plus may have the same sized d-pad/face buttons as the V2/V3 Miyoo Mini. 

As far as CFW options,  reportedly you can take the microSD card out of the Mini and put it into the Mini Plus and it will be a seamless transition. The OnionUI team has already been working with the new device. 

Source: @retrogamecorps on Twitter

Photo of Mini side by side with the Mini Plus from dingmah on Reddit [Source Link]: 

Miyoo Mini Plus

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