Added Gold Trackpad Covers To The Steam Deck

 I finally broke down and added some gold trackpad covers to the Steam Deck... 

Steam Deck - Gold Trackad

I'm definitely a fan of the gold on black look. I have tried out various skins and cases in the past but likely not going to use any on our newest Steam Deck. For whatever reason,  skins and cases make the device feel less ergonomic to me at least on a handheld this big. I'm likely just to stick with a little grip tape on the sides and that's it. 

Now with two Steam Decks in the house,  we should be set on Steam Decks until the inevitable Steam Deck 2 happens. 

The good news for anyone still on the fence with the Steam Deck is that the tip 2 models seem to be shipping out fast and people are typically receiving them within a week of ordering.

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