RG353M Mod: Buttons + D-Pad From 'various' [Phosphorescent Blue]

 My Anbernic RG353M was missing one thing and that was some "wow factor" buttons. 

As soon as I saw a photo of the Phosphorescent (Glow in the Dark) Blue d-pad and face buttons from 'various' (@various_rb1) on a Twitter post,  I knew I had to have these. This post includes before and after photos. 

353M Buttons [Photo From Booth Listing]

Booth Marketplace (Japan)

Various' Page On Booth:

Booth is a marketplace in Japan that is very similar to eBay.  To purchase from Booth does require using a proxy. In the US, I found Buyee to be the most straight forward proxy to purchase through. If you live in a country with unusual import taxes and extra fees, Buyee may be a more expensive option. There are several options that can be used. After paying Buyee, your item is shipped to a local warehouse where you will have to make a second payment to ship it to your country. The only downside to importing from Japan is that the process can be costly. Buyee does run deals here and there on shipping though. When buying through Buyee on places like Booth, it would make sense to buy more than just one item to offset some of the costs. 

Other Listings by various on Booth

Anbernic RG353M Before The New Buttons

353M Photo by Kezins (Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera)

353M Face Buttons Photographed w/ S22 Ultra Camera

RG353M With New Buttons + D-Pad

I wasn't sure how well blue would go with Deep Purple, but it looks simply awesome! The photos below are straight off the phone camera and not edited. I plan to do some nice edited photos in the future. 

Glow In The Dark:

Disassembly Notes

Fortunately the RG353M is easier to take apart than plastic devices. There's no trick to pulling the shell apart as it just comes apart (being metal) when the screws are removed. Like most devices,  you'll want to take the 353M apart on an anti-static mat to avoid accidental damages. An anti-static wrist strap isn't a bad idea to use as well. Unfortunately, the 353M is a bit tricky re-assembling due to a few of the tiny ribbon cables. You'll want to be very careful disassembling when it comes to pulling all the cables too. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hardest), I'd say compared to all other devices I've disassembled and reassembled, the difficulty here is about a 5. 

RG353M Ribbon Cable

Next Up: Miyoo Mini Buttons From 'various': 

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