Our Miyoo Mini Reddit Group Hit 11,000+ Members

Miyoo Mini Group
Miyoo Mini on Reddit

 Our Miyoo Mini fan group on Reddit just passed 11,000 members (most joining this year) this morning!!! Another pretty big milestone for a very informative and friendly group. If you aren't in the group, I highly suggest joining us at:

I definitely wasn't expecting a huge group back when I started it, but it was started before the Miyoo Mini became the runaway hit that it is. Fortunately,  I was able to recruit 4 other mods for the sub-Reddit who have really helped make it the huge group that it is today. Our mods cv990 , leifflat, pvpgn and Cimpix17 have done a lot of work to keep everything running smoothly and we all do it simply for our strong interests in this unique micro handheld! 

What really makes the group great is the helpful and friendly nature of most members combined with the creativity of modders, community developers and theme designers, etc.  The Mini would have never been what it was today with a lot of sparks from the community. 

While the Miyoo Mini isn't perfect, the V2/V3 Miyoo Mini became my most used and favorite handheld of 2022. 

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