My Anbernic RG35XX Order Is On The Way



It took a while but my Anbernic RG35XX is finally on the way. Hopefully I receive it by the end of the week right around the same time as the Evercade EXP. That will be two upcoming reviews I should post before the end of the month! 

Early Thoughts on the RG35XX

In my opinion, the RG35XX should be well worth the under $60 asking price, but there will be some obvious flaws out of the box. Early reports indicate that the stock OS by Anbernic is a bit of a mess.  The biggest problems that stand out are that the OS forces stretched screen on some systems without proper scaling, inability to load multi-disc PS1 games,  no per-system configurations and a UI that leaves a lot to be desired. Expectations out of the box definitely need to be Tempered with this one but it all still adds up to a good buy for the price. 

According to Anbernic, they are already working on a software update to address issues and have agreed to provide source to developers for some custom options after working that out with the chip manufacturer. This device will definitely need custom options to reach potential and that's the case with any device in this price range. 

The early bird period for the RG35XX is over and the device now starts at $55.99 + Shipping at [Affiliate Link where I may benefit from any purchases]... posted a Early Impressions video on the device that's definitely worth a watch for anyone on the fence: 

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