"Better" Miyoo Mini Shoulders Really Are Better!

Miyoo Mini 3D Print
Better Miyoo Mini Shoulders Tested by Kezins

Better Miyoo Mini Shoulders FTW!

Despite being a huge Miyoo Mini fan,  I was honestly a little skeptical about the "better" custom Miyoo Mini shoulders and now I regret not getting them a long while back.   

Installing them is pretty easy,  but you'll want to be very careful removing the old shoulder buttons as the clips holding them in place are VERY easy to break. I did have to do a tiny bit of sanding on two of the new shoulders to get them working smoothly. 

At the end of the day,  I'd say these modified shoulders make using L1/L2/R1/R2 a good 25% more comfortable to use and they require very little effort to press. $20 may seem like a steep price, but they are well worth the upgrade in my book! They also work with every model of the Miyoo Mini (V1/V2/V3). 

I ordered these from Etsy: 

For those of you out there with 3D printers who want to just make your own, the files for these are a FREE download at:

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