AYN Loki Shell Re-Designed

 AYN originally had most of the Loki variants scheduled for a Q4 2022 release which have all been pushed back to 2023. In an unanticipated move, it looks like the Loki shells have been re-designed and no longer look similar to Odin shells. This could end up being a good thing that makes the devices more ergonomic and easier to handle. 

Loki Max Prototype In The YouTube Video Below: 

Initially, the Loki line particularly the Loki Zero looked like a great deal on paper, but it's hard to get excited about until they actually exist and can be purchased. I did have a Loki Zero and Loki 256 pre-ordered, but canceled both and figure I'll just wait and see what happens... The current release estimates from AYN are: Q1 2023 for Loki/Max/Zero, Q2 for Pro/Mini. I can't help but think that they just have too many SKUs for this device but we'll see if they can pull it off...

It does sound like the Loki models will be about 20mm thicker with the re-design and the Loki Max will be even thicker than that. 

The good news is that AYN has caught up with Odin and Odin Lite demand, so those can be ordered and ship out quick these days: 

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