Anbernic RG3XX Available Now

RG35XX Anbernic Mini
Anbernic RG35XX

*Update: It does sound like there will be CFW for the RG35XX and Anbernic is working on a stock OS update as well. Confirmed by Anbernic. It's great news that they are listening to what the community wants!

 The Anbernic RG3XX is now available at with 3 shell options and a starting price of $49.99 + Shipping for the early bird price ($6 Off First 24 Hours). My total was $61.99 (Shipping varies by location). It Does appear that Shipping prices have slightly increased (at least for me) since the 353M launch. $61.99 still puts it within an acceptable price realm I think for what it is on paper. 

RG3XX For Sale on [Affiliate Link where I may benefit from purchases made]

The device can also be purchased from the Official Anbernic Store on AliExpress: [Anbernic Store Affiliate Link]. I generally suggest using the official Store over random sellers on there. 

An early look by DIYGameModz:

This makes for the 3rd device launch (alongside the RG353M and RG05) from Anbernic in less than 5 weeks! All in all, on paper the RG35XX is likely  a good buy at this pricepoint. The biggest problem for some will be the stock OS/UI setup may not offer enough customization options for some people initially. Some systems also have forced full screen without great scaling options. Anberic has stated that they will support CFW/Custom UIs on this device,  so hopefully some of those kinds of issues will be worked out in time. 

At the end of the day,  this device should be good for up to PSX emulation and the device is roughly the size of the old RG300. While many talk about this being a competitor with the considerably smaller Miyoo Mini, I think it will be more of a competitor with upcoming (and drastically more powerful) Retropixel Pocket from Funnyplaying.  

RG35XX is set to start shipping out within a week of orders starting. This is an order not a pre-order. 


Anbernic RG3XX Specs [Non-Affiliate Link]

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