Anbernic RG35XX Stock Firmware Update

Anbernic RG35XX

 Anbernic followed through with their promise to update the RG35XX stock OS/Firmware and it reportedly improves on some of the biggest complaints. Unfortunately, my RG35XX is still frozen in postal hell, so I still don't have mine to test this out on yet...

V1.0 20221223 can be downloaded here:

If there's any problem downloading from Drive due to so many people downloading it, Rokusho made a back-up here:

Improvements with this update include Card 2 now identifying wallpapers and themes,  PS1 Bios can be added to either card,  subdirectory function added, collection records Increased to 300,  save files go to correct directory,  TATE Mode function key mapped, PS1 disc change function added, and GB, GBA, GBC, FC adds scaling and overlays. 

With all that said, I still think the best option will be to go with the RetroArch Build from Black Seraph. Black Seraph is currently working on a CFW for the RG35XX that will have options very similar to MiniUI and OnionUI with a lot of core updates. The RetroArch Build can me downloaded here:

It looks like the RG35XX has a bright future especially with the custom community options on the horizon. The device can be purchased from Anbernic on their site or from their official store on AliExpress (both affiliate links where I may benefit from purchases made): 

RG35XX at 

RG35XX at Official Anbernic on AliExpress 

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