Anbernic RG35XX Specs ["Anbernic Mini"] Revealed on YouTube


Anbernic Mini Specs
RG35XX Specs

*Update: It does sound like there will be CFW for the RG35XX and Anbernic is working on a stock OS update as well. Confirmed by Anbernic. It's great news that they are listening to what the community wants!

We now know the Specs for the upcoming Anbernic RG35XX which should launch before the end of the month at The device was coined the "Anbernic Mini" by some in the community due to looking similar to the Miyoo Mini, but the official name is RG35XX. The big question left concerns price. We can safely assume this device will be well under the price of the 353V/VS. The RG35XX is considerably larger than the Miyoo Mini so this is more like the  Anbernic Medium (Roughly the same size as the old RG300)... The SoC revealed is not very powerful but should be fine for old school gaming. The speaker I'd advertised as HiFi but I'm going to assume it's just a standard generic mono speaker. 

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