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Steam Deck FTW

 Choosing A Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is now readily available (most people receiving them get the package within 2 weeks). The biggest question for most people will be which of the 3 models to go with. Retro Resolve recently published a good resource on this topic here:

Upcoming KT-R1 Game Handheld

We have been talking about the KT-R1 for a very long time and it's finally almost a device we can buy.  Phawx posted the first exclusive look at a preview model of the device (below) and its certainly shaping up to be a potentially great Pocket option. It looks like the real big bonus of the KT-R1 will be huge battery life. The KT-R1 will be available for crowdfunding/pre-order internationally at soon. There are some risks involved with crowdfunding including no guarantees, but this is an upcoming device worth looking at. Reportedly, some international pre-orders may start shipping by February. 

Anbernic RG35XX Launch 

We are less than two days away from the budget friendly Anbernic RG35XX which will debut on this Friday. The official promo video for Ambernic's 3rd device in about 5 weeks can can watched below! The above Anbernic link is an affiliate link where I may benefit from purchases made. Support for always appreciated! 

Retropixel Pocket Unboxing 

The Retropixel Pocket from Funnyplaying makes for a very interesting Android based budget vertical handheld that has a lot of retro aestheic appeal. The device launch is currently Imminent and will likely debut at Jutleys from RGHANDHELDS.COM has shared an unboxing video of the commercial version of this device and it certainly looks nice: 

Evercade EXP Limited Edition Stock Stolen 

Unfortunately, it appears a targeted robbery occurred where a large number of the limited edition Evercade EXP devices were stolen. This will sadly effect some of the early bird buyers who reserved the limited edition version long before the regular Evercade EXP was available for pre-order. It does appear that some of these stolen devices are already appearing on marketplaces online today. You can read more about it here:

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