Why I'm Skipping The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus

Retroid Pocket 3 Plus: Too Soon


Retroid Pocket 3 Plus

The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus looks to be a pretty good option on paper but there are elements of this launch that just don't sit right with me. I plan to skip this device and maybe I'll check out the Retroid Pocket 4, Retroid Pocket 4 Plus or the rumored RP3 (3S Plus) that might use the same SoC as the Odin Lite (that one is purely a rumor with no substance yet).  With the rapid pace of releases,  I doubt the next Retroid upgrade is far off. My 5 main reasons for skipping this device are: 

  1. Probably the main reason I'm just skipping this device is that the Retroid Pocket 3 which reportedly sat in a warehouse for a year just launched less than 90 days ago.  This means that the RP3+ was already developed and in the works at the time of the RP3 launch. I find that to be fairly unfriendly to the consumers who bought the RP3. 
  2. Nearly every claim in Taki's infamous RP3 YouTube video turned out to be true and the company never really responded to every claim in a way that made sense. (Video Below)
  3. I found the d-pad and facebuttons (dome switch style and rubber membrane style) to be very average or even below average with too little resistance and with travel in the face buttons. The RP3+ comes with dome switch style d-pad and conductive rubber face buttons this time which is a better combo but there's no indication that quality has improved. 
  4. QA concerns were never heavily addressed after the first RP3 round. While QA issues seem to have improved, it certainly looked like some known defective units were shipped out anyway as predicted by Taki. 
  5. I'd like to see what happens with the upcoming Anbernic RG505 and PowKiddy X28 before thinking about checking out the RP3+. 

At the end of the day,  I do think the RP3+ will be a good buy for some people but it's just not something I'm really interested in supporting for the time being. This device certainly makes it pointless for anyone to buy a Retroid Pocket 3 at this so the RP3 is in essence a dead handheld within 3 months of launch. We'll have to see if my feelings on the Retroid line softens over time but for now I just don't see myself being very excited about it. I'd probably still consider it a Top Ten budget option just one I'm not very enthusiastic about. For now, I'm betting that Moorechip does actually make the 3S Plus and it will worth waiting for. I could be wrong as well. That's just my loose guess. It wouldn't be a bad idea to just sit back and see if the RP3+ launch ends up less controversial and bungled than the RP3 launch was. We should be within weeks of the first in-depth reviews. Fortunately, we are in a time where new handhelds are announced weekly and there are plenty of options. 

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