What's Next For Anbernic Devices?

 With the Anbernic RG353M launch underway, the next Anbernic devices are certainly not far behind. I originally expected to see the RG505 and RG3?? (Anbernic Mini) before the 353M but that obviously didn't happen. I would be shocked if we don't see at least one of the two next devices before the end of 2022. 

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I'm not going to lie... I felt fairly underwhelmed by the Win600, RG552 & RG503, but Anbernic may have caught their stride again with the 353P, 353V/VS and 353M. They definitely have finished strong in 2022 and renewed my optimism. 

Anbernic RG505


The primary competition for the RG505 will likely be the upcoming Retroid Pocket 3 Plus and PowKiddy X28 (All 3 Have t the Unisoc Tiger T618 SoC). The messy PowKiddy X18S also has the same SoC. When it comes to build quality, track records indicate that the Anbernic RG505 will be the safest bet between the three. The Retroid Pocket 3 Plus starts at $149 and will definitely be the cheapest of the three. In actual capabilities, all three are just going to be a small boost over the Retroid Pocket 3 in power. The big selling point with the RG505 is the OLED Touch-Screen with the downside being in-line shoulder buttons on such a large device...

Anbernic Mini 

Anbernic Mini

The Anbernic Mini should really be called the Anbernic Kinda Mini because it's really a lot larger than the Miyoo Mini. My only concern with the Miyoo Mini is the reports that the OS/Firmware will not be open which limits customization options. Specs are not confirmed on the Anbernic Mini yet so it's tough to speculate on performance at this point. I'm seriously considering the Retro Pixel Pocket as the main upcoming competition for this one. 

Keep an eye on Anbernic.com [Non Affilate Link] in the near future as the releases for both of these devices could be soon. 

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