What Is Happening With The GKD Mini Plus & Mini Plus Classic?


GKD Mini Plus Classic & GKD Mini Plus

*Update: It appears that the GKD Mini Plus Classic (Now called GKD Plus) is in fact releasing and/or funding soon. Details on it are still light. It seems like it will appear on Kickstarter soon as a crowd-funded project. The Mini with Dock doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere... Hopefully we get some clear updates on this soon. 


After the pretty exciting GKD Mini Plus & GKD Mini Plus Classic announcements, things have gone silent...

As far as I can tell,  the small team behind GKD has backed off the scope of the project,  so I wouldn't expect to get your hands on this device anytime soon if ever. We'll have to see what happens though...

There are some pay in advance "pre-orders for both popping up on AliExpress but these I don't think are legitimate sales at this time and should be avoided. I haven't seen or heard anything to indicate that the device launch is still on. 

For the time being, I think this device is sadly headed towards vapor or a smaller production release. For now, that's just my wild guess. 

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