RG353M Thumb-Sticks Work With Joycons (Nintendo Switch)

 The End of Drift With The Nintendo Switch?

RG353M Hall Sensor
RG353M Hall Sensor Thumb-sticks Work With Nintendo Switch Joycon

**Note: There have been reports that this may not work after all. See comment below. I'm suspicious that Anbernic may be shipping out a different thumb-stick than the original...

Verified by RetroHandhelds, the RG353M thumb-sticks do work in Nintendo Switch Joycon controllers which is big news that could potentially eliminate drift anxiety for Switch owners who are comfortable swapping sticks out. The 353M sticks are hall sensor (magnetic) thumb-sticks with a very low likelihood of developing drift issues. 

Anbernic will sell extra 353M sticks on their official AliExpress Store and on  but are currently out of stock.  RetroHandhelds also tested the RG505 sticks on a Joycon controller but those sticks may be a little too big. A restock of 353M thumb-sticks is anticipated in the near future. This interesting development could all of a sudden turn Anbernic into a Nintendo Switch parts supplier!  

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  1. I can confirm that the sticks do NOT work on the Nintendo Switch. I bought a set of four, intending to use them for two sets of Joycons. I tried each stick in different joycons and got the same response out of them all. On the Switch home screen, the right input worked, but every other input registered as down. And in any game I tried to use them in, the game wouldn't register analog input at all. I couldn't even get the joystick calibration screen to register them. Unless I happened to get four bad sticks that all had the same issue, I'm inclined to say they just don't work on the Switch.

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