Retroid Pocket 3 Plus Pre-Order Starts Tomorrow

Retroid Pocket 3 Plus - Cear Blue

 It looks like the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus (RP3+) pre-order starts tomorrow. 8 color variants will be available at $149 + Shipping. Devices will reportedly begin shipping on 11/15. The first 1,000 orders from existing RP3 owners will also get a $25 discount.  I think I'll be sitting this one out. There's no mention of improvement to the d-pad and face buttons. This also seems way too soon to Upgrade a device most people have only had for a couple months. Anyone still on the fence with the RP3, I'd certainly suggest buying the RP3+ over the original RP3 though. There's not much sense in buying the original now. Hopefully this launch is smoother than the last one. 

It does make me wonder if this was the plan the entire time and they sold the RP3 stock with these already in the works. It's hard to know but there were a lot of funny things that happened with the RP3 launch and this all doesn't seem very fair to the buyers.  I'll keep an eye on things and a somewhat open mind,  but I'm not really a fan of how things have been playing out with the RP3 and RP3+...

For $149, you are still getting a lot of power for the price. There are just certain elements of the RP3 launch and now rapid upgrade that don't sit well with me...

I do really like the look of the clear blue shell. This upgraded device has the same SoC as the upcoming Anbernic RG505 and PowKiddy X28. For the most part, I think I'm going to wait and see what happens with those two devices before making a decision on the RP3+. 

A PCB Upgrade to turn your RP3 into a RP3+ will be available for $85 as well. I think it's too soon to ask someone who bought a device 2-3 months ago to purchase a PCB Upgrade at $85. While the new SoC is a bit of an upgrade,  I don't think it's worth dropping $85 on if you just bought a RP3. 

I really do like the idea of PCB upgrades with devices and wish more manufacturers would do this. I don't think a PCB Upgrade just a few months after launch is all that great for the consumer though. 6 months or a year later would seem a little less deceptive. All in all, the RP3+ is likely a good buy with possible QA concerns again. There are simply elements to both the RP3 and RP3+ launches that are eyebrow raising and not very consumer friendly. Considering development time requires, the RP3+ was likely already being made during the RP3 launch...

This fast upgrade was honestly predictable considering we had heard that the RP3 was old stock that had been sitting in a warehouse for numerous months but still wasn't a very consumer friendly move for sure. 

The PCB Upgrade graphic is a little misleading. Performance gain will not double. Not even close. 🤷‍♂️

As many people had requested, they have two Funtastic shells available as well for $35. 

RP3 Funtastic Shell

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