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Retro Pixel Pocket Photo From Jutleys

Thanks to Jutleys (of, we now know even more about the upcoming Retro Pixel Pocket from Funnyplaying. The new information we now know is that the handheld will be priced between $70 and $90, and that there could possibly be Linux CFW options in the future in addition to the stock Android.

This device is certainly high up on my list of interesting upcoming game handhelds.  We don't typically see a lot of devices with 1:1 screens which should work really well with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, SEGA Game Gear, NGPC and NES (NES looks good in 1:1), etc.  

1:1 should work "ok" with 4:3 aspect gaming. The Retro Pixel Pocket runs a Allwinner A64 SoC which is massively beyond the power needed to run things like GB, GBC, GG and NES but where it will shine is using heavy shaders without bogging down performance at all. This SoC can handle up to PS1 emulation flawlessly or near flawless plus could probably handle some lower tier DS, N64 and Dreamcast emulation although it wouldn't be very optimal with the controls. 

All in all, this handheld is really geared towards old school Game Boy/Game Boy Color fans and very likely groups who like to customize their handhelds (like the Miyoo Mini fans).  Although this is Funnyplaying's first retro game handheld, they have been around in the modding scene for a long time making and distributing custom GB/GBC/GBA parts and accessories. This definitely increases the chance that there will be a lot of custom parts available for the Retro Pixel Pocket in the future for modding enthusiasts. There has been some mention of possible metal shells in the future too. 

Currently, there's no set launch date for the Retro Pixel Pocket, but it should be "soon". 

Some of the products sold by Funnyplaying:

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