PAC-MIYOO Theme For Miyoo Mini Looks Great


Pac-Man Miyoo Mini Theme
PAC-MIYOO Theme. Click Image For Reddit Thread Discussion

I almost regret not having a black Miyoo Mini with yellow face buttons after taking a look at the new PAC-MIYOO theme by 'tenlevels'. To use this theme on the Miyoo Mini,  you have to be using OnionOS v3.9 or higher. 

Onion OS Themes [LINK]

For the most part, what makes the Miyoo Mini so great is the community support for the device and near unlimited customization options. The greater Miyoo Mini gamer community is one of the best communities out there! 

There are a lot of over-priced advertisements and scams going on with the Mini right now which people should be aware of. I highly suggest buying one from the Official Miyoo Store on AliExpress and not from scalpers, etc.   Miyoo has been steady with routine restocks lately, so they are not as hard to get as they were even a couple months ago...

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