My RG353M Is Still Just Sitting In Illinois

 **Update: It arrived right after making this complaint. Lol. Squeaky wheel gets the grease I guess so complaining occasionally is OK. Lol. 

For whatever reason,  whenever 4PX routes a package of mine through NYC, NJ or California, I get it really fast, but if it ends up going to Melrose Park IL, it always just sits and sits and sits up there. It's too bad we can't choose which area our orders and deliveries get routed through. 

Regardless, my RG353M Review is still delayed because I don't even have it yet. Hopefully there's some kind of movement on it soon. I'm not sure what the problem up in Illinois is but it's always a problem when a package unfortunately gets sent through that state... 😕 

I guess it could always be worse though. A few years ago,  shipping from China often took 4-7 weeks. I've just been spoiled by the fast processing in places like New York City and New Jersey. 

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