Miyoo Mini V3 Screen Roulette Issues Increasing?


Miyoo Mini

The Miyoo Mini (V2) with no question is my favorite micro game handheld. There's no major difference between the V2 and V3 Miyoo Mini, but reports of screen issues do appear to be more common with the V3. There does appear to be some % of screen roulette with the recently manufactured units,  so this risk should be kept in mind for new people just buying one. Miyoo does have pretty good customer service however and replacing a problematic screen is something they do honor. It does appear that to keep up with demand, Miyoo is using more than 1 kind of screen in production. 

There's no way to gage the problems other than casually with no access to sales figures, but the number of people reporting issues has certainly increased.  

If you come across an issue,  I highly suggest contacting Miyoo at their official store on AliExpress directly. As a moderator at reddit.com/r/miyoomini (an unofficial fan group with 9k+ members), I can certainly say that the number of people reporting screen issues has increased (with evidence) over the past 2 months. 

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