Miyoo Mini V2 vs. Miyoo Mini V3 [They Are The Same]

Pictured: Miyoo Mini + Custom Face Buttons From SakuraRetroModding 

What's The Difference Between The Miyoo Mini V2 and Miyoo Mini V3? 

Questions about the difference between the Miyoo Mini V2 and Miyoo Mini V3 seem to surface online and in forums often even today. There have been some 3rd party sellers claiming there are big differences but that's simply not the case. The only place I'd really recommend buying one from is the Official Miyoo Store on AliExpress where restocks happen routinely. Miyoo Minis sell out fast every time a restock happens. There are reports that there is more "screen roulette" with the V3s so that should be kept in mind. 

In the grand scheme of things,  they are the same device and there isn't a difference. Miyoo simply decided to change their device naming when software was updated. From a hardware standpoint, there's no difference.  There has been some very slight parts roulette internally going on with units but that has been the case with all of them to a very small degree since the beginning. 

If you have any interest in the Miyoo Mini, I highly suggest joining our Reddit group (9,000+ members) where almost any question can be answered: 


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