Is The Anbernic RG300 Still Worth Buying?


Anbernic RG300

The Anbernic RG300 is no longer directly sold by Anbernic but there's still plenty of them available on Amazon and eBay. The short answer is that there should be little point in buying one with the upcoming Anbernic Mini (RG3??)  likely dropping soon which is about the same size, but the RG300 isn't an awful buy. The one thing I still really like about the RG300 is the great and responsive d-pad. You'll get less than ideal performance out of it at this point though... Unless you are a collector,  I don't see many reasons to buy this device anymore. 

$62.90 appears to be the lowest price on Amazon at the moment. I think the best bet if this device interests you is to wait a little bit for the Anbernic Mini or check out other vertical options like the RG351V, Miyoo Mini, 280V, PowKiddy RGB20S, the upcoming Retro Pixel Pocket from Funnyplaying or others. At this stage, I think the RG300 should be under $50. While I would no longer highly recommend this device,  there are plenty of them still available: 

RG300 on Amazon [Affiliate Link]

As far as 3rd party sellers go on Amazon, I can say that I've never had any problems from BAORUITENG. They always ship fast and I've always received exactly what I ordered from them. 

From an emulation power stance, the RG300 (2019) is still a serviceable option up to most 8/16-bit era game emulation (GB/GBC/GBA/Genesis) but that's about it. Performance is just "all right" with SNES and below average with PS1. Handhelds have come a long way since 2019 and it's becoming harder to recommend the RG300. 

Disclosure: The above post does include one Amazon Associates link where I may benefit from any purchases made. Support always appreciated. 

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