Happy Singles Day

Singles Day 11/11
Singles Day 11/11

Today is known as Singles Day in China which is basically an anti-Valentines Day dating back to 1993 for unmarried people to treat themselves with gifts and purchases.  

Combined with Veteran's Day In the US, 11/11 is by far the largest online shopping day by a large margin. 

There should be quite a few sales and bargains happening on AliExpress and other international sites, so today is a good day to keep an eye out for deals. 

Anbernic's BIG Sale is still going on as well which has some pretty decent deals: 


(The above link is an affiliate link where I may benefit from any purchases. Support is appreciated!)

I'd also highly suggest checking out Liliputing.com later on today where daily tech deals are often posted. 

Amazon Pre-Black Friday Deal of Note:  Samsung Drives and Memory. The above link is an Amazon Associates link to some pretty decent deals on Samsung microSD cards and other storage options. 

I haven't seen any truly amazing "must buy" 11/11 deals with retro game handhelds on AliExpress yet, but there are a few decent deals. As usual, whenever shopping on AliExpress, always make sure to check out a seller's reviews to avoid getting burned. Most sellers on Ali are fine but it's just like eBay and Amazon where any 3rd party can sell on there. 

A Couple Example Retro Game Handheld Deals For 11/11 (affiliate links):

PowKiddy RGB20S

Affiliate Link

Top On Sale Product Recommendations! POWKIDDY New RGB20S

Original price: USD 114.27 Now: USD 61.99 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Click&Buy:https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DBIIpUx 
Search Code on AliExpress:ALCK6NP9

Under $70 I think is a pretty good price for the PowKiddy RGB20S. I'd probably suggest buying an Anbernic RG353V/VS over the less powerful RGB20S myself but if you are a collector, it's still a good buy. 

FC3000 V2 On Sale:

 $14.70+$8.53 Shipping Currently. Under $30, I still like this device a lot. It's mostly going to be for 8-bit era gaming. The V2 unlike the V1 does have a microSD slot under the battery where you can load files onto it. It's a flawed device but good for the price. 

FC3000V2 Affiliate Link (Click Image)

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