Deal of the Day: Samsung EVO Select 512GB - 47% Off

 It looks like Samsung EVO Select 512GB microSD cards are still 47% off on Amazon for now. I ordered a couple for myself and a 256GB card. At 47% off for the 512, all of a sudden it's a pretty good price. 

Buy On Amazon [Affiliate Link]

When buying retro game handhelds from overseas, they almost always come with low quality microSD cards that are prone to failure, so it's usually a good idea to use your own. For the most part,  I stick to SanDisk and Samsung cards which are both very reliable. 

The above link is an affiliate link where I may benefit from purchases made. Support is always appreciated! 

Other Samsung EVO Select cards are on sale as well but at a lower % off like the 64GB card is 27% off for $10.99. The pre Black Friday deals online are definitely pretty good so far this year. I'm not sure how long this Samsung Sale will continue for. 

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