Anbernic RG353M Review Nearly Ready

*Update 11/22: I'm running a little behind on my planned timing with this review but now expect to to post it late on 11/23!

Review Up:

 Preview of 353M Findings Below!

RG353M Photo by Kezins
Anbernic RG353M 🔥

I currently have in around 28+ hands on hours with the Anbernic RG353M and am probably about 70% done with the review. With about another 10-20 hours of testing, I'll be ready to post my written review. 

One thing I can say at this point is that this is BY FAR my favorite Anbernic handheld of all-time (and I have owned most) plus this is my favorite 4:3 handheld from any company. I'm having a real blast with this device. I expect to have my full initial review posted by Tuesday evening. 

Beyond the RG351V, I have been somewhat cold on Anbernic devices so this is a pretty exciting return to form for Anbernic in my opinion. 

Three places the RG353M Can Be Ordered From: $145.99+Shipping [LINK]

AliExpress - Official Anbernic Store $145.99+Shipping [LINK]

Amazon $174.99 [LINK]

**The above links are Affiliate links where I may benefit from any purchases made. 

A Preview of My RG353M Testing:

The Good 

  • Upgraded Speakers (Sound)
  • Hall Sensor Analog Thumb-sticks Are Great 
  • Improved Shoulders
  • Anbernic Logo Not On Device Face 
  • By Far The Best All-Around 4:3 3.5" Screen Device Available 
  • Price
  • Stock Anbernic Software Is Improved 
  • Light And Thin Enough For TATE Mode Arcade Shooters (CFW Recommended)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Work Great. Anbernic Did A Great Job Matching The Plastic On The Sides To The Metal Paint Job. Photos Don't Do Justice To How Great The "Deep Purple" Looks! 
  • Dual Boot Option of Android and Linux Is Great! 
  • PS2, GameCube, Wii, Saturn, Etc. Stream Well From PC (Moonlight)
  • RetroAchievements Ready Out of the Box
  • Netplay Works Great
  • Works Great As A Console Connected To TV
  • Device Is Thinner (More Pocketable) Than The 351MP/350M But More Ergonomic With The Re-Designed Shoulders
  • Quality CFW Options Available Now
  • 353M Is "Roughly" 20-25% More Powerful/Capable Than The 351MP (Subjective Casual Observation Estimate)

The Bad 

  • 5th Time This SoC Has Been Used By Anbernic (Counting 353V/VS As Two Separate Devices)
  • Android Build Is Just Average

The Meh

  • Headphone Jack On Top Is A Bad Design Choice
  • Bottom-facing Speakers
  • No Free Shipping But The Price Makes Up For It
  • Android Side Unlikely To Get Software Updates From Anbernic

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