Anbernic RG353M Priced For 11/5 Release or Pre-Order

Source: Jutleys of RGHANDHELDS.COM on Discord

 It looks like the Anbernic RG353M has been priced at $135.99 + Shipping for early orders (or pre-order) starting in a few days on 11/5.  The device should appear on soon. Unlike some other metal retro handhelds, this device does have WiFi on board. This device did come out of left field from Anbernic as we were expecting the Anbernic "Mini" and Anbernic RG505 to come out before it...

Anbernic RG353M 

Anbernic RG353M Specs [Link]

This is likely a device I'm going to order since I'm a sucker for metal shells and it will likely be the definitive RK3566 device from Anbernic following the RG503, RG353P,  & RG353V/VS. I passed on the 353P and 353V/VS (not a fan of dual thumb-sticks on a crowded vertical). 

Some reviewers already have their hands on the 353M and have posted some interesting videos showing off the unique Metallic shell like Cary Golomb "Phawx" on Twitter:

Official Unboxing Video: 

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