Anbernic RG353M Early Bird Price Has Ended

RG353M - Deep Purple

 Now that we are 48 hours+ beyond the RG353M launch, the $10 Off special price has ended making the device $145.99 + Shipping. That's still not a bad price. My device is somewhere in the mail system, so hopefully I'll have up an in-depth review before the end of the month. I doubt the 353M will go on sale for a while... [Affiliate Link]

I'm already in the process of getting some microSD cards set up for the 353M and preparing for a lot of testing. I always suggest tossing the card(s) that come with these devices into a drawer and start fresh with your own. The microSD cards that come with these types of devices are prone to failure. I plan to run JELOS on the Linux side when it arrives. I don't have too many more reviews planned before the end of 2022... just the RG353M (November) and Evercade EXP (December) reviews planned sure. I thought about picking up the Retroid Pocket 3 Plus just for review purposes but the RP3/RP3+ launches all around just don't sit well with me so I'll be sitting the upgrade out at least for now. 

RG353M - Blue

So far,  the reviews coming out on the Anbernic RG353M seem to be very positive. I highly suggest checking out some of the early YouTube (from & The Phawx...both highly trustworthy sources of info)reviews to get a feel for the device: 

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