Anbernic Black Friday Handheld Deals Through 11/29


Anbernic RG353P SALE

The Anbernic Black Friday Sale [Use Code BF2022 at Checkout] will be going on through 11/29 (11:59 PDT) has some modest deals going on. The one that sticks out to me is the RG353P starting at $118.79 which is about $20 off for a fairly new device. There's some great Anbernic deals at Amazon too like the RG350M for $70 (Listed Below). They have a total of 16 devices on sale (this post includes affiliate links where I may benefit from purchases made): Black Friday Sale [Link]

  1. Anbernic RG280V for $56.39 +
  2. Anbernic RG353P for $118.79 +
  3. šŸ”„Anbernic RG300X for $55.59 + 
  4. šŸ”„Anbernic RG351V for $79.99+ 
  5. Anbernic RG503 for $115.99+
  6. Anbernic RG552 for $189.75+
  7. Anbernic RG351MP for $116.41+
  8. Anbernic RG351P for $76.12+
  9. Anbernic RG351M for $107.59+
  10. Anbernic Win600 $285.74+
  11. Anbernic RG350P $62.89+
  12. šŸ”„Anbernic RG280M $66.99+
  13. Anbernic RG350M $96.79+
  14. Anbernic RG350 $57.99+
  15. Anbernic PAP KIII $39.49+
  16. Anbernic RG Plus $43.99+
If you are in the market for a RG350M which isn't a bad option for PS1 level and below emulation, they are currently running for $70 on Amazon which crushes the deal! There's only a handful left at the $70 price, so I don't expect this deal to be up much longer. 

Retro Game Corps posted up a good resource listing off the best of Black Friday deals in handheld gaming deals which I highly suggest taking a look at too: 

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