Add Google Play Store To RG353V/M [Solution by DroiX]

 The biggest complaint I see with the RG353V and RG353M so far is that there's no Play Store on the Android side. DroiX has come to the rescue with a fairly straight forward process on how to install a new firmware update that allows the Play Store to be installed. With any modification like the one below,  you'll want to make sure to follow the guide precisely to avoid bricking. DroiX has verified that this works on the RG353M and RG353V and NOT other systems. You can usually find Play Store versions (APK Files) that work with other devices through mirror sites, but the version has to match the SoC and Android version or will cause big problems! It's not really advisable to experiment with those files unless you know what you doing or a process has been verified by a trustworthy source (like DroiX)...

I can't vouch for results yet myself but plan to dive deeper into this.

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