Which Evercade Cartridges Are Discontinued?

Evercade - Technos Collection 1

While most Evercade cartridges are still being produced, some were discontinued in 2022 and include: 

  • Namco Collection 1 (ended June 2022)
  • Namco Collection 2 (ended June 2022)
  • Technos Collection 1 (ended March 2022)
  • Oliver Twins Collection (ended March 2022)

Despite being discontinued months ago,  a quick search online shows that all of these can still be found at some retailers like Amazon. How long they'll be available at good prices is anyone's guess. Technos Collection 1 has already shot up to an average price of $33 on Amazon. No one knows what collections will be happening in 2023 yet,  but I'm hoping for a TATE Mode Collection considering only 15 games in the entire Evercade library actually work with the new TATE mode feature with upcoming Evercade EXP. I find it hard to believe they'd take the time to design a TATE mode without a plan to bring more games that can use it on board. If you are new to Evercade, the above games may eventually become hard to find. 

I'll be keeping an eye on the Official Evercade Blog to see what happens in the near future: 

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