Upcoming Week In Retro Game Handhelds

Razer Qualcomm Handheld

October 10-16 (2022) in Game Handhelds

Nowadays when it comes to retro game handhelds and game handhelds in general,  there's always something happening and this upcoming week should be full of new information.  The following should be the BIG happenings of the week but you never know what surprises might happen:

Saturday (October 15)

Razer Edge 5G (Razer/Qualcomm Handheld)

Video From: https://www.gsmarena.com/razer_edge_5g_is_an_upcoming_android_handheld_gaming_console_-news-55992.php

Next Saturday will be a huge day in news especially with the Razer Edge 5G reveal at RazerCon. Hopefully it's not an underwhelming reveal like the underpowered/overpriced Logitech G Cloud turned out to be (I doubt it will be).  The Android device running a Snapdragon G3X looks to be a powerful option for game streaming (especially with 5G), standard Android gaming and will likely be great for game emulation (I don't expect Razer to discuss that). I don't expect Razer to price this one low, but the capabilities and quality could make this one a real competitor. 

Be sure to keep an eye on https://www.razer.com/razercon on the 15th!  

OneXPlayer Mini Pro 

OneXPlayer Mini Pro is expected to start shipping on the 15th for those who put down a deposit and completed their orders. Coming off a long holiday week in China, some type of delay wouldn't surprise me. $ for $, this handheld doesn't come close to touching the value of a Steam Deck, so it's definitely well off my radar, but might be interesting to some people. 

All Week 

Evercade EXP Pre-Order Continues

Cartridge Retro Games
Evercade EXP

Pre-orders are still up for grabs for the upcoming cartridge based Evercade EXP which looks to be a drastic improvement over the original Evercade. I'm pretty excited about the TATE mode functionality even though there's aren't many TATE mode ready games in the library yet. If you are in the US, Best Buy & Amazon have the Pre-order Up which should ship out at the end of November. Personally, the Evercade EXP is my most anticipated device.  I pre- ordered one recently. 

Official Site: https://evercade.co.uk/

Steam Deck Now Easy To Get

Valve is finally caught up with Steam Deck demand and you can order one right now without a lengthy wait. If you want one,  it's probably a good idea to order one now before holiday shopping and scalping ramps up. You can order a Steam Deck at steamdeck.com. $ for $ there's nothing out the that beats the Steam Deck in value and it will likely be some time before something else beats it. 

The Maybes...

GKD Mini Plus & GKD Mini Plus Classic might make a pre-order/order appearance soon for international buyers. 

KT-R1 could possibly appear for international pre-order but the device has already missed previous estimated dates. 

The budget priced Retro Pixel Pocket is also a device that could possible have a Pre-Order/Order appearance very soon. 

Likely Vapor 

It hasn't been confirmed but I'm suspecting that the Miyoo P60 might become vapor. Miyoo says they are still testing the software but they were saying the same thing a year ago... 

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