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After a short delay, it looks like Team TRIMUI has sent me a TRIMUI Smart to test out. According to DHL, it's expected to arrive between October 15th and 19th. My biggest curiosity with this handheld is how WiFi multiplayer is handled on it. The device is more powerful than the TRIMUI Model S and appears to have a better d-pad and face buttons from pictures and videos I've seen. They did take their time tweaking the software and testing the device thoroughly, so hopefully the end result is nice. While the asking  price by vendors is high ($90+ by most on AliExpress), it could still be worth it if the devices performs well. I did enjoy MiniUI on the Model S, but I don't think MiniUI as a CFW type option will be brought to this one. The device is priced a little lower at $79.99 on

Probably my biggest curiosity as stated above is how WiFi multiplayer is handled by the software and if it would work well with other non TRIMUI devices. I'm a sucker for micro handhelds, so am definitely looking forward to checking this one out. Either way,  I expect to have a review up somewhere between October 20 through October 24th. There aren't many micro handheld with this kind of connectivity options, so that does make the TRIMUI Smart a somewhat unique option. 

There are some reports that WiFi is not fully implemented on the software yet too, so we'll have to see...

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