Steam Deck Finally Available On The Spot

Steam Deck Buy Now

 It took a long time but it looks like the Steam Deck is finally available for purchase on the spot with no long wait time in released regions. $ for $, I do think the Steam Deck is the best buy in game handhelds at the moment and likely for a long time. I doubt the Steam Deck value will be beat until the Steam Deck 2 comes out. 

I'm personally still geared more towards devices that are pocketable but you can't deny the great value of the Steam Deck. I still use it on occasion but I get a lot more use out of cheap devices like the take anywhere Miyoo Mini.  Valve has also made their dock available for purchase on the spot. There are quite a few "Steam Deck alternatives" but none of them come close in purchase value. 

The Steam Deck can be ordered at!!

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