Retroid Pocket 3 Plus & Retroid Pocket 3S In The Works?...

 **Update: The Dimensity 900 SoC Rumor turned out to be false (for now)!

As expected,  the Retroid Pocket 3 which was designed with upgrades in mind appears to possibly be getting "Retroid Pocket 3S Plus" and  "Retroid Pocket 3S" models at some point in the future. 

Other than more internal storage, and 4GB RAM with both, the only thing speculated is that they plan to use the Dimensity 900 SoC (the same SoC that the Odin Lite uses).

This can still be filed as rumor/speculation as there has been no official announcement from Moorechip but it's a rumor to keep an eye on.  There has already been parts crossover between AYN and Moorechip, so they could be sourcing unused SoCs from AYN. We'll have to see if anything happens...

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