Razer Edge 5G/WiFi Second Day Thoughts

Razer Edge 5G/WiFi Handheld

 While the Razer Edge 5G/WiFi is well priced and exciting in ways,  the biggest complaint I've seen so far is with the screen which is the same size screen as a Galaxy S22 Ultra's. I went ahead and put $5 on a reserve,  but I'm not sure if I'll actually order one in January or not... 

With a 20:9 aspect ratio, the 6.8" screen would be about equal to 5.44" (by my calculation) lowering screen resolution to a more standard 16:9.  There's also some that think you'd be better off spending $99.99 on a Razer Kishi v2 and using that with an existing phone. That could be a good option for some but defeats the purpose of having a dedicated game handheld. 

During the RazerCon announcements, the company boasted that the Razer Edge would be the ultimate gaming device for PC, Console and Mobile gamers. I understand the purpose of inflated marketing claims, but I don't think the device remotely reaches that goal. 

What you are paying for with the Razer Edge 5G/WiFi is the Snapdragon G3X. It's basically a high-powered phone with built in game controls that can't be used as a phone. As far as the $399.99 and Up devices go,  I think the Steam Deck is still the very best $ for $ deal in handheld gaming. The Razer Edge will likely be most attractive to people who don't already have powerful Android devices. All in all,  the plus side of the Razer Edge is the price but it's definitely a strange device. I'm now on fence with after thinking about it for a day...


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