New Premium Miyoo Mini Theme (OnionOS)

SuperOS Onion Theme

I mostly prefer using Shaun Inman's MiniUI firmware on the Miyoo Mini due to the speed, but there are always OnionOS themes that catch my eye. The creativity in the Miyoo Mini community is off the charts. What makes the device so awesome has more to do with the community than the device in my opinion. 

This SuperOS theme by AshenOne will set you back $5 but might be worth it if you have a transparent black Miyoo Mini and purple face buttons to complete the look. 

There are also plenty of free Miyoo Mini themes floating around. Most are talked about regularly in the Miyoo Mini Reddit Group: If you have any interest in the Miyoo Mini, I highly suggest checking out the 7,850+ member group. I started the group and am one of 5 mods, so feel free to comment below with any questions. 

SuperOS Theme Link:

If you are looking for replacement face buttons for the Miyoo Mini, I recommend SakuraRetroModding on Etsy who has never disappointed me:

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