My Next Anbernic Retro Game Handheld Will Likely Be The Mini

 I was on the fence with Anbernic RG353V/353VS for a while, but ultimately decided to pass on the 353V and 353VS. I've already extensively used the SoC that's in both and my subjective feeling was that I would not like the low placed dual thumb-sticks and crowded face at all. I'm still pretty excited about Anbernic again due to the down to Earth pricing and it has been a while since I've had much interest in Anbernic happenings. We have so many handheld options today that I feel buying more than one device with the same SoC needs to be left in the past. 

Right now there is one main candidate for my next Anbernic purchase and that is the Anbernic Mini (RG3??). Some people think this will be a Miyoo Mini killer but I doubt it unless the Anbernic Mini gets something like MiniUI or OnionOS on it. I think it will still be a great pocketable vertical handheld though. There's also the upcoming RG505 (horizontal) to keep an eye one. 

We don't have much in the way of confirmed specs yet,  but it is roughly the size of the RG300 and that's enough to make it a Day 1 buy for me. The design heavily borrows from the Miyoo Mini (one of my all-time favorite handhelds) and will have a 3.5" 640x480 screen. It will likely be less powerful than the 353V/353VS with a closed OS, but the improved Ergonomics with no sticks and likely lower launch price will make it a great pick-up. I'm hoping Anbernic drops this one in the $70-$80 range. The official launch date is still not announced but it should be up on before the end of year. (Affiliate Link Where I Benefit from sales. Support Not Necessary But Appreciated)

Miyoo Mini (left) VS Anbernic Mini (Right)

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